Where is Claire Abbott ?

You must have seen this picture from the numerous click-baits you have clicked and … sometimes avoided .

So who is that girl in the picture?

Enter – Claire Abbott. She is famously known for her Instagram pictures and her crazy online fan following on Facebook and Twitter.  Her pictures are everywhere on the internet  – from bodybuilding forums to fake twitter accounts to lose-weight-in-30-days websites.

How did she make to the fame world ?

Before she was famous, she uploaded a cover to Adele’s “Turning Tables” way back in 2012.  Though the original video is taken down, another video of hers has recently sprung up. Here’s a link to the video. ( Claire Abbott / Skinny Love) . In the same year, she performed an original song called “Fighter” which gained almost 300,000 views.

Claire Abbott pictures  


In June 2016, Claire was featured in Maxim’s online feature and suddenly it went viral again.

We are not recommending you to search for pictures of her’s if you are reading this at work or in a public place. But we are sure you would want to sometimes give-in to some of the click baits … Sometimes.  ( And yeah here’s a small sample of what you will find if you search a little 🙂 )


Other Stories

She was spotted with the social figure and “millionaire”, Dan Bilzerian ( See pictures below).


Her Likes and Dislikes

Favorite song –  Allen Stone’s “Unaware.” ( according to herself)

Where did she disappear?

Since December 2016, her facebook fan page & youtube page has not been updated.

Her Instagram and Twitter accounts were deactivated.

More hot pictures of Claire Abbott

Claire Abbott PicturesClaire Abbott



Where is Claire Abbott now?

Not many know about her whereabouts , but a good search on some of the Redditt pages reveals what has happened to her. We are not telling you yet 🙂  Here is the link to the Redditt pages discussion about Claire Abbott.